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Revolution Resource Recovery

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We’re Changing Things

Revolution is a proud BC family owned and operated company that has been changing the waste management industry and striving to do what is right and not necessarily what is easy – for almost 30 years.

Revolution is a story of disruptors and innovators who are truly a force of nature. We are waste management specialists and organic farmers. We are businessmen and businesswomen – but also Fathers and Mothers and Sons and Daughters who believe in working where we live. We are builders and problem solvers and visionaries who see a better way to manage valuable resources. In addition to growing our business, we grow organic alfalfa, hops and longhorn cattle. We have pioneered the concept of Full Circle Organics to fully transform a huge component of the waste stream – what we used to call Food Waste – into valuable and much needed soil amending compost. We use our Organic Compost to grow more organic food. This circular approach literally takes food from field to fork to field, again and again.

We have invested substantially in our belief that no resource need go to waste. We are proving that together, We Can Overthrow Garbage.

Contact us to discover how to best handle anything your business or residential building throws away. We will design a personalized collection system that works specifically for you. There is no job we can’t handle, no challenge we can’t overcome and no resource we can’t find a second home for in the most cost-effective manner possible.


No matter what you have to get rid of – we’ll make the most of it.

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